THTS - Episode 173 (Rap/Reggae/updates)

Explícito THTS - Episode 173 (Rap/Reggae/updates)

Desde: The HT Show
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Thanks for listening. This episode is 40 min. long w/ updates and no skits. Stay tuned for an all skits episode (a collection of soundbytes and oddities).

Sept/Oct. 2020 - Episode 173 Tracklist :
1. California Love (Medieval Version) by: Beedle The Bardcore (Instagram)
2. Trenches Instrumental by: Stunnah Beatz
3. Holding Back The Years (Reggae Cover Version) by: Daynea Deacon
4. Be Thankful For What You've Got (Reggae Cover Version) by: One Blood (1980)
5. Tumbi Instrumental by: ... Más informaciones

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